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Helping you communicate with man’s best friend.

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Our dog friendly training is
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Our methods focus on creating a positive relationship between you and your dog to improve your dog's behaviour and obedience. Our expertise is in understanding how a dog naturally thinks, learns and communicates and then using this to show you how to be your dog’s leader. Once this relationship is established, behaviour change is a natural next step. Our techniques work with any age, any breed, any issue. You and your dog get one-on-one attention, an individualised plan to suit your family AND guaranteed support for the life of your dog.

Bark Busters do not use shock, electronic, choker or pronged collars.

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Breed Of the Month

The Boston Terrier

Boston Terriers are compact, well-balanced dogs with smooth, “tuxedo” coats, and short heads and tails. Their trademark eyes are expressive and prominent, and their head tilt when investigating someth... more

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Francis asks... | Featured question
Hi. My dog does not like eating dog food - whether it be pellets, canned meat, or dog treats. He only eats dog pellets when it is mixed with an egg or other leftover meat. So my question is, should I just let him starve until he eats the dog food? Or should I continue spoiling the dog with leftover food?
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