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The latest news from Bark Busters, the dog training experts.

  • Are Some Dogs Born Mean?
    Are Some Dogs Born Mean?
    June 21 2018
    As Bark Busters dog trainers, we are often asked if certain dogs are born mean, or if certain breeds just have a pre-disposition to be aggressive or vicious – like Pit Bulls, Rottweilers and other breeds that have been unjustly branded as bad. more
  • How Often Should You Bathe Your Dog?
    How Often Should You Bathe Your Dog?
    June 14 2018
    How often should you bathe your dog? Should your dog be groomed once a week, once a month? The answer to this question depends on the breed, the environment, your dog's level of activity and any skin issues. more
  • Calm Your Dog's Thunderstorm Fear and Anxiety
    Calm Your Dog's Thunderstorm Fear and Anxiety
    June 08 2018
    Fear of thunderstorms and lightning is very common in dogs. Those big booms can be very scary. Many dogs can sense a storm coming from the rapidly falling barometric pressure. Therefore, your dog may show anxiety even before the storm can be heard. more
  • Not Respecting Boundaries - Dog Training Tips
    Not Respecting Boundaries - Dog Training Tips
    June 01 2018
    Boundary control is teaching your dog that he is not allowed in certain rooms or, for example, on the carpet, unless you have invited him. more
  • Does Your Dog Chase Livestock?
    Does Your Dog Chase Livestock?
    May 24 2018
    Dogs have many behaviours that are instinctive rather than learned. These instinctive behaviours are inherited from their ancient ancestors such as wolves and other feral canines, and sometimes appear to make no sense in the modern world of pet dogs. more
  • Why Does My Dog?
    Why Does My Dog?
    May 16 2018
    As dog owners, we love our dogs and enjoy their little quirks and personality traits, but sometimes their behaviours might leave us bemused. This is often because these are instinctive survival or pack behaviours inherited from their ancestors. more
  • Is Your Dog Afraid?
    Is Your Dog Afraid?
    May 09 2018
    Do you know if your dog is afraid? Knowing the signs of fear in your dog can help you to address this emotion before the fear escalates. Often when we visit a home, we see that behaviours such as aggression, biting, barking uncontrollably, destructiveness and submissive urination may be rooted in fear. Fear in dogs manifests itself in different ways depending on what your dog is afraid of. It can also depend on his temperament. more
  • Keeping Your Dog Entertained When Home Alone
    Keeping Your Dog Entertained When Home Alone
    May 02 2018
    How does your dog cope when left home alone? Does he wait patiently for your return, listening for the sound of the car on the drive, or the key in the lock? Does he become bored or even stressed and seek out some entertainment? more
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  • Will Dog Training Break Your Dog's Spirit?
    Will Dog Training Break Your Dog's Spirit?
    April 25 2018
    I was speaking with a woman the other day who was concerned that training her dog might "break her spirit". Her dog is loving and funny, and she didn't want to do anything that would change that. I don't t blame her. I wouldn't want to break my dog's spirit, or change the quirks and idiosyncrasies which give my dog his personality. more
  • How Does A Dog's Nose Work?
    How Does A Dog's Nose Work?
    April 18 2018
    You know your dog can smell its treats before they've even reached the bowl, but just how does a dog's nose work? Simply put, dog noses are way more powerful than our human ones. They also use a lot more brain power to sniff out things that we can't smell. Here's a look at how your dog's nose is perfectly designed for Man's Best Friend. more