Have You Ever Wondered Why So Many People Don’t Train Their Dogs and Why They Should?

3rd July 2019

A well trained dog is a happy dog, but many pet owners don’t bother taking the time to properly train their pet. There are several reasons why people don’t bother to train their dogs:

They feel dog training is unfair to the dog

People love their pets, especially dog owners. Sometimes people assume that they know what their dog is thinking or feeling, but dogs don’t think like people do. Sometimes we misunderstand our dog and feel that addressing unwanted behaviour will make him sad or upset. In reality, like kids, dogs crave rules and boundaries. It helps them feel safe.

The structure and predictability offered by training helps your dog feel more secure and happy. If your dog knows what to expect, he won’t exhibit anxious behaviours that could get him into trouble. Dogs require strong leaders, and if you are not seen as a capable pack leader, your dog will try to fill that role. It is a dog’s survival instinct. This can create stress for your dog.

It is a clear message that he leads if your dog pulls you along while you’re walking or if she darts ahead of you through open doors or up any stairs. These are all signs of a lack of understanding and leadership that can cause you to lose your cool and reprimand your pup, which can make him worried and confused. If you commit to puppy training, and put in preventative rules you could have a well behaved and happy dog.

They feel it’s too difficult or expensive

Dog training isn’t difficult, but it does take education, awareness and patience. It’s also not as expensive as many people think. Regardless of the cost of training, having a well behaved, happy dog is priceless.

It is more difficult to deal with an unruly dog than one who understands the rules and listens to you. Training your dog won’t make him boring or unhappy, it will make life easier and more pleasant for both of you. Spending a little time and money in the short term can save you a great deal of trouble and even money in the future, since you won’t have a dog who damages your property or darts out of the house every chance he gets.

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