Are You A Great Dog Owner?

We know you love your pet, but are you really a great pet owner? Here are some things that make good people great dog owners.

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February 19 2020
Are You A Great Dog Owner?

You your love for your pet, but are you really a great pet owner? Here are some things that make good people great dog owners. But don’t take our word for it--ask your dog how you’re doing, too!

Great dog owners:

Spay and neuter their pets — Neutered/spayed dogs typically live longer, healthier lives, are easier to focus and train, and will not birth unwanted dogs.

Clean up after their dogs — pick up and properly dispose of any dog faeces your pup leaves behind.

Watch the temperature — Great dog owners never leave their dog out in the heat or extreme cold for longer than a few minutes. Keep an eye on the temperature and make sure you never leave your dog in a hot car, even for a few minutes.

Ensure their dog has proper identification — Make sure your dog is microchipped and registered. Never let your dog leave the house without its collar and tags. A dog with no ID is at risk of getting lost and ending up in a shelter or worse.

Take their dogs for checkups — Like humans, dogs benefit from regular wellness checks from a veterinarian. Prevention is the best medicine, so make sure you take your dog to the vet for regularly scheduled visits.

Walk their dogs on lead — Leads aren’t just for keeping your dog out of mischief; a lead could save your dog’s life. Prevent your dog from darting out into traffic or somewhere he shouldn’t be by keeping him leashed during walks.

Provide a secure place for their pup to play — Make sure your dog has a secure place such as a fenced in yard to run free and burn off lots of energy. Don’t forget to get out there and play, too--your dog will love you for it.

Train their dogs —Training isn’t just about teaching your dog neat tricks. Being able to control your dog could save his life, especially in public places or dangerous situations. Plus, a well understood dog is calmer and better behaved so is more welcome in public places than one who doesn’t understand what acceptable behaviour is.

Don’t just be a ‘good’ dog owner, be a GREAT one by making sure you follow these tips with your dog.